Street entertainment and parades

Animations de rue structures gonflables la ronde des geants

Ambulatory carnival animation

Animations and street parades, parades, corsos with Big Carnival Heads.

Large traveling heads representing burlesque characters, animals, emblematic objects.

Beside them, jumping waders twirl!

Profusion of colors and rhythms!

The Menagerie en Folie !!!

Carnival and street entertainment family outings!

Giant and itinerant inflatable structures with dancers.

The animals dance to all the music thus drawing the public into a crazy farandole!

In the program :

Chameleons, elephants, roosters, mice, cats, dragons, dinosaurs, pigs…

Autonomous inflatable structures, 3 to 4 meters high that can adapt to all situations in ambulatory or fixed spectacle.

Farandole and wandering in the company of the “Ménagerie en folie”.

Bollywood show

Interactive stroll with Push-Push.
Grace, burlesque, acrobatics on stilts!