We erase the time factor, thereby awakening the individual and collective imagination.

Show created on the basis of the work of Jules Verne, adapted to the p Steampunk ’culture !!!
Great trip to the English Victorian era and the French “Belle Epoque” …
The whimsical crew of the timeless ship immerses you in an atmosphere that is both mysterious and fascinating, where “you have to see it not to believe it”.
The wading scouts open the road to the ‘Vessel’ out of time … ‘Lady Vigie’ governs the boat while ‘Chris’ the Vaporist activates the machines… Coal for the train! Stay the course for the boat! Divert the air with the wings! Activate propulsion by the airship propellers! Assess the depth of the water for the submarine! Without forgetting to send steam for the paddle wheels! Choo Choo!
Machineries at Grand Spectacle!
Self-propelled vessel with selected music, multiple lighting sets, smoking machines, bubble machines, 360 degree rotation. Airship 10 meters long and mechanical wings